DAILY STYLE | Seeing Pink

I am not really a girly-girl but I love the colour fuchsia. This only really became evident when I was creating a mood board for my apartment inspiration and noticed a continuing trend – P I N K !
Here are a couple of photos which I pulled together. Maybe all together it becomes a little OTT but I definitely think a pop of fuchsia can make a great feature in any room / outdoor configuration.

26388347786859938_nLwkw8hb_f  163607398933548914_TNeLQE4P_f tumblr_m4ktgxB06c1rs6yu2o1_5003edd6fc66eb48dbd61b6bad58e961b80 7596a8f9aeff4b74d6e155df36e7cac9 f9545b1d69df6cfb3c3209e4d2bb833e


Let me know your thoughts. Love it or too Barbie?…


6 thoughts on “DAILY STYLE | Seeing Pink

  1. I like it, except for the pool. That table might be a little too much too, altough the contrast to the walls is nice.

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