DAILY STYLES | Synergy Natural Campaign


I am proud to announce that SpicedFox is one of the ambassadors for Synergy Natural’s summer campaign. I have worked with Synergy Natural for a couple of years now (in the advertising world), so when they approached me to be part of their campaign I was over the moon.


Synergy Natural is an Australian based Green Superfoods brand that provide organic supplements in both tablet and powder form. It contains an abundance of key vitamins, macro and trace minerals, anti-oxidants, all of the essential amino acids, protein, nucleic acids, essential fatty acids and much more!

Synergy Natural is something that I have incorporated into my diet for about 14months now. Initially I started off on Spirilina tablets, then moving to the Chorella powder.

As I am constantly on the road, I find that a glass of Chorella in the morning is my energy boost. It is like Red Bull x100! It also fills you up so alongside breakfast you are totally satisfied until lunch time. I always travel with a container of Chorella and make sure I have a glass every morning (ultimate jet lag cure!). 

Not only has it helped my energy levels it has also helped with my skin. I find it has really helped with overall complexion. Blemishes have been reduced and I feel my skin is not as red and angry.

I love the powder as I can have it alone with ice cold water or mix it in a smoothie. Over Summer I look forward to sharing some recipes with you 🙂

You can find Synergy Natural in all health-food stores and pharmacies throughout Australia.

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7 thoughts on “DAILY STYLES | Synergy Natural Campaign

  1. Hey BebeFashion – I noticed I had more energy in about a week and I noticed my skin was more radient after about a month 🙂 Definitely try both the spiralina and the chlorella and see what works better for you ! x x thanks for your comments.

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