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So it is safe to say Monaco is on my top 10 places to visit in the world. These shots were taken IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER (end of Dec) and look at that sunshine! It was absolutely gorgeous! Yeah ok, there isn’t much to do in Monaco besides burn money and gawk at other people’s wealth but for a quick getaway and to lap up the lush lifestyle it is totally worth it.

Those of you who know me by now, know I like to keep it really casual/comfy when I travel. I want to be able to enjoy the sights and attractions without having to worry about blisters forming or muffin tops showing. In saying this though, like most girls, I still like to make some sort of an effort and I usually turn to make up and accessories to dress up a look.

Here I am wearing MAC’s ‘Morange’ lip stick found here. The MAC team rekon’ it was the colour that ‘made them famous’. It is so amazing. I notoriously wear it on a Monday morning at work when I am dead, moody and usually only leave 5mins to leave the house. I find the colour brightens up my face instantly.

Those gorgeous necklaces are from Shazoey. Sharon Tsao, owner and designer behind Shazoey is an architect turned jewellery creator & maker who originally turned to jewellery making as a creative outlet. It didn’t take long before people took notice of the gorgeous petite pieces before Sharon decided to follow her passion and create an online store. I am a sucker for delicate, feminine jewellery and find Shazoey are unique in their simplicity and offer effortless style, with easy pieces that can be worn all day at work and then transcend into evening. They are little pieces of luxury you can build on and layered to create your own expression. I AM IN LOVE. And I want every single necklace!! I am wearing the Petite Anchor Necklace (found here)  and the Jade coin necklace (found here).  Check them out – http://www.shazoey.com/

Top: Massimo Dutti (Milan)
Sunnies: Chloe found here

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