Launch, Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver, is of course the British celebrity chef, restaurateur and media personality. We was the first chef to become the face of grocery chain, Sainsbury’s, his known for his food-focused television shows such as The Naked Chef and a load of his fabulous cookbooks. I have known Jamie for about 5-6years or so now and what I love most about him is his passion about GOOD FOOD and educating the wider community around the topic. In 2005, Oliver initiated a campaign originally called “Feed Me Better” to move British schoolchildren towards eating healthy foods and cutting out junk food. As a result, the British government also pledged to address the issue. Delving into politics to push for changes in nutrition resulted in people voting him as the “Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005,”. So what I love most about Jamie is his overall love of GOOD FOODS and WHOLE FOODS. It’s about finding a balance and we shouldn’t have to deprive ourselves from the sweet treats – its all about saving for special occasions.

ANWAYSSS, some exciting news – Jamie Oliver is releasing his new book, Jamie’s Comfort Food (woop woop so plenty of time to perfect the recipes in the lead up to the festive season). Over the the weekend I attended the PR launch which was in Hyde Park, London. There was a gorgeous spread of food for everyone to sit and enjoy the tastes from the new book. Luckily I brought my SLR to capture some great shots.

So the cook book is released in 2weeks but if you can’t wait until then to get you oven mitts on it, you might not have to.

Starting on Saturday, the Times Magazine is running an exclusive series of recipes from the new book .

I won’t spoil the fun by saying what amazing recipes are included, but I think that you really need to get down to your local newsagent and pick up a copy to read over breakfast, because this book might just be Jamie’s best yet.

It’s all about the dishes that are close to your heart, that put a smile on your face and make you feel happy, loved, safe and secure. The 100 new recipes are inspired by everything from childhood memories to the changing of the seasons, and take into account the guilty pleasures and sweet indulgences that everyone enjoys. It’s brimming with exciting dishes you’ll fall in love with.

It’s not about weekday meals this time, it’s about treating yourself at the weekend, or treating the ones you love to a gorgeous meal. The book comes out on 28 August, and you can preorder it here.

If you live in the UK you can pick up a copy of the Times today, and the limited edition continues e until the release so don’t worry if you miss out on this one!

Spicedfox x

3 thoughts on “Launch, Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver

  1. Oh my goodness! You know Jamie?! I’m screaming over here- I absolutely adore him. He’s a legend and I’m just in awe of all the great work he’s done, teaching young (and old) Brits about healthy food choices.

    1. Heya, hahah yea we’ve worked together on quite a few photo shoots, he’s a gem!
      It makes me think of all the junk we were fed when I was at school! xxx

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG this looks so cool! can you please be my friend and we can hang out?? i love your posts and everything about you!! and you know JAMIE! he can come to ha ha ha ha . love celine

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