My tips when on the hunt for a new designer handbag

‘What do you keep in your handbag?’ It’s a question that most bloggers get asked on the regular and to be honest, it’s one of those questions that I’ve always found a little unsettling and a little awkward answering. It’s not like I would ask you straight off the bat ‘What’s in your bathroom cabinet?’ or ‘What’s in your top drawer?’ Nor should anyone care! It’s just an awkward question.

Or maybe I don’t like the question because frankly, I’m a little embarrassed to answer it. You see, I can’t just unzip my bag freely, turn in upside down and watch my goodies sprawl across the table. You don’t see a brand new Chanel Rouge Allure falls out perfectly placed next to a clean Kate Spade wallet, a bottle of Voss water filled with cucumber, squeaky clean Frends headphones and the latest issue of ELLE fall perfectly in place as I talk you through my ‘daily must haves’.


For me? It’s crunched up receipts, a scratched iPhone, old mangled gum packets that have been sitting at the bottom of my bag for months, knotted headphones, an old (yet trusty) lippy, 143 pens, perfume with a missing lid and a whole lot of coinage in a whole lot of currencies.

Whenever I make a new handbag purchase I always task myself with the mission to make my best attempts at keeping it spick and span for as long as possible. But being on the go and constantly relying on my bag as a storage device for almost everything. I can’t help but end up with one hot mess.

Either way, I love my handbag and it is my absolute lifeline. A sanctuary filled with everything that’s going on in my life at that moment.

I’ve been on the hunt for a while now and below is a list of my top ‘must haves’ when searching for a bag.


I love a sneakily BIG handbag. Not too big that it looks like you are lugging around with a weekend/sleepover bag but one with a deep bottom so it still looks stylish and sleek.

With the cooler months approaching in London and with Sydney’s blazing Summer already underway I need something tran-seasonal (well not even tran-seasonal – literally opposite season-al) as I will be travelling between the two over Christmas. As much as I would love for each season, it will be so much easier to have the 1 I love and can store all passport, travel documents etc in so I don’t have to worry about misplacing!

Something I can swing over my shoulder as I prepare for the Christmas shopping battle as I enter the doors of Harrods! I really just want a well-made, genuine leather bag that I can rely on.

The amount of stuff I have lost through falling out the top of the overhead compartments or pick pocketers is worrying & I have definitely learnt the hard way! This time a zip will make the world of difference.

Whilst browsing the Internet for designer handbags with my checklist in mind, I came across Elk, offering a wide variety of beautiful designs. 

 They have a heap of Autumnal shades, strong, rich leathers and a beautiful choice of shapes and sizes and colors.

I came across this black tote bag which I love. With strong handles and a deep bottom, it’s the perfect companion. And although black, the gold detail deters from its heaviness which make it a lovely side keep to a white paneled dress down at Bondi Icebergs!


Definitely take a look over on the Elk website if you’re after a bag of quality, I have fallen in love with it ❤

 Spicedfox xx

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