Goode & Wright, Portobello Rd

So you’re on Portobello road, rummaging through the hidden treasures and swerving your way in and out of crowds. You are on the hunt for a good feed and strong coffee but you soon realise you are spoilt for choice. There is so much choice to filter through you are just focused on dodging the expensive cafe chains and touristy crowds.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for 271 PORTOBELLO RD.

Looks like this. Called Goode & Wright.


It’s the kind of local café most people dream about: warmly welcoming and with a laid-back attitude that makes you feel immediately at home.

It’s a classic British bistro, which most locals take for granted but if you are new to London you will get a bit of a kick out of it. It has a quaint and cosy interior where you can rug up with a warm cup of tea against its dark leather banquettes. The chequerboard flooring and framed old English landscape paintings on the wall make it feel like you are sitting in a vintage living room.

The open kitchen allows you to peek your head over and see Chef Finlay working his magic but it also means the smell of whatever is cooking oozes through the entire cafe (when we went it was French Toast which smelt so good I didn’t even need to look at the menu I just knew I had to have it!).

Chef Finlay believes very strongly in letting quality produce speak for itself, and so on his constantly changing menu you’ll find the simplicity and style that comes from locally sourced seasonal ingredients. There is everything from Gypsy toast – maple pancetta – grilled tomatoes (aka Fench toast) to Crab “cocktail” – avocado – brioche roll to Duck Eggs (Poached / scrambled / fried) toasted sourdough.

Below is a little snippet of what we had;

FullSizeRenderBlack Americano to startFullSizeRender[1]Gypsy Toasty (aka french toast) with bacon and tomato with a side of smashed avocado on sourdough toast. FullSizeRender[2]The Omelette with serrano ham and parmesan cheese. Soft poached eggs on sourdough in the background and a wholeee lotta sides!

I would recommend timing it so you are there for brunch. It is Goode & Wright’s speciality and there is no doubt about it. It hits the spot and everyone at the table left with big smiles feeling as though we had found a hidden goldmine on Portobello.


Check out the entire menu here and if you have been or get the chance to go be sure to let me know what you had. I am curious to see what the Buttermilk chicken schnitzel with avocado and salad is like!

Lots of love,

Spicedfox x x


271 Portobello Road
Notting Hill
London, W11 1LR


Tuesday to Friday : 11am  – 11pm
Saturday : 9am – 11pm
Sunday : 10am – 4pm
Closed on Monday



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