Borough Markets, London


How have I only just discovered this place? Borough Markets are an unmissable destination for London food lovers, catering to both top chefs in search of premium ingredients, hungry locals looking to graz and tourists looking for the ultimate Instagram worthy shot.


This dazzling food market offers a vast array of artisanal munchables – everything from fresh shucked oysters to cronuts. Whatever your craving – they’ve got it! The market is a delight for all the senses, and is best enjoyed with a big shopping bag and empty stomach when the crowds are at a low. To avoid the starving masses go first thing on Saturday mornings, from 8am or 9am, or from midday on Thursday or Friday. Most traders are there from 8am and it starts to wind down from 4pm.


Be warned – it is all a little overpriced and you will end up paying almost double what you would at your local grocer. But you know the produce is fresh and tasty.

The best oysters on the market are at Richard Hayward. The stall looks a bit shabby but the product is anything but. The Hayward family has been farming and growing oysters since 1792.

Attention Instagram addicts! Be sure to ask the traders for a picture before you start snapping away. Some can get a little nasty and we learnt the hard way…

Spicedfox xx

P.S Don’t be afraid to haggle a bit – it is a market, after all.



Borough Market, Stoney St, SE1 (
Tube? London Bridge tube/rail.
11am-5pm Thur; noon-6pm Fri; 8am-5pm Sat.

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