The Cordillera Mountain Marathon, Philippines

“Being on top of a mountain gives you an appreciation of nature’s raw beauty.  The Cordillera Mountain Marathon gives you more than that with about 60% of the 42 kilometer route and the full 11 kilometer route 2000 meters above sea level.  That’s a scenic delight that will give you a view of pristine areas with the natural and cultural diversity of the Cordilleras up close.”


I think one of the best ways to explore a new city/town is to participate in a city fun run or marathon. It’s a chance to tour a city and explore the monuments and streets. Everything is new, so the strain of long distance running is somewhat eliminated and every step and corner turned is exciting. On my trip to Scotland in May (seen here) we ran the Edinburgh half marathon and although it was straight from an overnight bus ride from London there was something very energizing and exhilarating about it.  The mountain is not only amazing picturesque but it is also the home of the Kalanguya and Ibaloi Ethnolinguistic groups and will showcase their rich culture and heritage tied to the the mountain of the gods.


For someone who is interested in running a marathon the Cordillera Mountain Marathon probably isn’t the best one to start with. It’s a tough one and one for the real running enthusiasts. Cordillera Mountain Marathon would be a real challenge with ascents that will test your limits passing through dirt trails, mountains, rivers, forest trails, bridges and grasslands. The course would give you a variety that would keep your eyes visually treated, your other senses enticed with the fresh scent of nature and chilled by the cold mountain breeze.  That’s something that would make this race epic and making each tough stride across in the race worth it.

One of the things I love most about the big city marathons are the recreational runners who get involved for a bit of fun or charity fundraisers. The fairies, the pack of minions. There was even someone in this year’s London marathon with a fridge tied to their back AND wearing high heels. Well, I doubt we will see any Borat costumes in the Cordillera Mountain Marathon as it’s a real challenge. The high altitude of 2,000 meters and above would give you a thinner air, the long and steep climbs can literally take your breath away and, the weather can deviate and be a real challenge.  With that said, this is something that YOU can DO with proper build up and preparation.

I’ve got my eyes set on the 2015 London Marathon, so might be giving this one a miss. But this is definitely one I am adding to the bucket list and I take my hat off to anyone who gives it a go. The tough climbs would strengthen you and your character and the high altitude would give you a breathtaking view of nature.   Each difficult stride would be rewarded by an awesome view of the mountains, the rivers, the forest trails, the grasslands and the lush green surroundings of the Natural Beauty of the Cordilleras.


The challenge, the views and the experience is gonna be legendary.

Everything happens on March 22, 2015.

To register click here.

Good luck to anyone who participates! If you do be sure to shoot me an email and let me know!

Spicedfox x

One thought on “The Cordillera Mountain Marathon, Philippines

  1. I definitely never did a marathon in the Cordillera but I spent 8 days trekking it in Peru and it was amazing so if you get a chance check out the Huahuash Cordillera Trek!

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