9 hours in Paris

3 girls. 9 hours. Paris here we come!

Below is a snap shot of what the three of us got up to with 9hours in Paris. Having all been to Paris we’ve done the tourist attractions and lining up for hours waiting to see the Mona Lisa. So for us, it was more about what we felt like doing and what we would normally do on a Saturday morning – some form of exercise, eat… and eat.

All can be done by foot or a quick jump on the Metro. Note we are all wearing gym gear – not your standard chi chi Paris adventure but just as much fun.

1) Kick of the day with a punnet of berries from a side street fresh grocer. This was on Boulevard Saint-Germain. A famous street in Paris known for its restaurants and high street fashion scene so is great checking out the hustle and bustle in the morning with business folk lining up for their macchiato. 10330321_10152070793351689_183715649368680109_n

2) Visit the bridge of lurrrrrvvvvvv. Pont Neuf.. The Pont Neuf is the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris and is also iconically known as the ‘Love Lock Bridge’. You get to cringe/smile/laugh at some of the love notes written on the locks.


3) Share some love. Standard pouty gal shot.


4) Add some love


5) Is it lunch yet? Buttered cod, veggies and a glass of vino at L’Ecailler du Bistrot (22 rue Paul Bert, 11e)



6) Time for a Nanna Nap at the Grand Bassin Pond



7) Stroll through Luxembourg Gardens 10170720_10154768160425355_1508432850193979535_n


Home sweet home to London town ❤ x

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