Opening of Pana Chocolate, Sydney

You know those cute gummy men on the front of the raw chocolate bars you see in health stores? The one where you don’t feel guilty eating bars of the thing… because.. it’s raw?

They look something like this?…

Pana-Chocolate-Dudes (1)


Raw chocolatiers/cute gummy men are also known as Pana Chocolate and they opened their very first Sydney store today.

As per usual, Melbourne like to be one step ahead of us and already have a Pana Chocolate store in full swing. However, Sydney foodies have been jumping out of their skin waiting for this bad boy to drop! “Pana Chocolate’s Sydney fans have been asking for their own shop for a long while, and this space in Alexandria has the right energy,” says founder Pana Barbounis.

Located right next to popular wholefoods café Bread & Circus, the store will be serving up gorgeous, guilt free raw vegan cakes and cookies. These have fun names such as the Pana Pop and Vespa Wheel.

The new Pana store is very modern and clean – with marble and glasses finishes that look right on into the kitchen so you get to see the Pana Chefs in action!

Pana Chocolate Sydney 
Address: 21 Fountain Street, Alexandria
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm Sat: 9am-4pm Sun: 10am-4pm

Spicedfox xx

Image credits: Gary Compton

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