Brew, Wandsworth, London

So I have turned into a massive BURGER connoisseur.

Yeah, I used to love the occasional dirty burger after a big night out or at a steakhouse I’d tend to go for the burger option. But now, I crave these things. It probably has a lot to do with the burger rise around the world. So many specialty burger joints are opening up, particularly in the UK. People’s burger taste buds are strengthening and people now know what it takes to make a decent burger!

I’ve been back in London for a couple of weeks now and when I was waiting at Singapore airport (8hour layover) I used the time to research and sniff out the best burgers in town … and also take some casual airport shots.


I came across a place called ‘Brew‘ in Wandsworth. I could even tell by looking at their website that they were going to be a goody. They also had some good ‘local’ reviews.

Although, the hook line and sinker was seeing the menu;


Not only do they have a CRAB burger (*mouth is watering even typing this) the price point was pretty appealing.

So the first night in London we hopped off the plane at Heathrow, unpacked our bags and headed off to Wandsworth.


We started with a glass of their prosecco Corte Alta NV each whilst we were looking over the menu. It was a light floral glass that hit the spot we needed to beat that jet lag.

11195517_10156006022590355_251919100_n (1)

We then shared the polenta chips with aioli (waiter’s recommendation). They were out of control. Already planning on going back just for these bad boys. I am warning you, they are pretty filling so make sure you go with an empty stomach! 


We then had a burger each. One beef, one duck. Obviously having to have a taste of each. The beef was a classic beef burger. A hefty sized patty with the lot. The bun was light and crispy and all the bread is made on site. The duck tasted like one giant duck pancake and I was not complaining!! It had the perfect amount of hoisin sauce to make your taste buds do back flips wanting more!


Here I am just about to tuck into it.


So if you are new to London, or a local looking for a sweet burger joint. This place is definitely worth a look.

Lots of love,

Spicedfox xx

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