Brainwavs Headphones


My favourite time to visit Portobello Rd is on a Friday. I try and head down early every Friday morning before I head off to meetings. The crowds are still around but it’s no road mosh party. You get a chance to see all the good stuff before it all runs out by Sunday and you get to stock up on all the fresh fruit and veg for the weekend.



Today I walked down from Fulham (yep, a good 2.8miles or so!) with my iPod charged and ready to go! I wanted to try out my new Brainwavz headphones.  My old Apple headphones broke so I wanted to get some good quality ones and found these guys online. I ordered the ‘Delta in Black (iOS)’ from Amazon in red. I looked around for some headphone but they were all a bit too bulky. These ones were at a pretty good price as well.






The audio is of very high quality audio and they also have super squishy ear pads/cover things so they sit nicely in your ears (sounds so weird but it you know what it’s like when you are running).





I also felt super stylish and thought they matched my Dior’s (and wannabe ‘LD’ Range Ranger) pretty well too 😉


Go check them out –

Spicedfox xox

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