Cafe Anna Blume, Mitte, Berlin


Planning your itinerary for Berlin?

If you are looking for a decent breakfast or brunch spot I would highly suggest Café Anna Blume.

It is found in a very up market part of Berlin called Mitte. Imagine Upper East Side in NYC or Saint Germain in Paris. The streets are very leafy with lots of yummy mummys. The closest tube is Prenzlauer Alle and it’s about a 5-8min walk. The walk is gorgeous and I would suggest strolling the streets for a little while after your meal as well.

The café is not hard to miss, Café Anna Blume is attached to a florists, so when you enter you pass the gorgeous floral arrangements. They also have an impressive cream and red outdoor seating area that takes up a corner which you can spot from a distance. The garden is very lush and green, so you feel like you are in a mini secret garden. It is very beautiful and romantic. I only discovered this place on the last day I was in Berlin. However, if I stumbled across it any earlier it would have become my morning Berlin ritual! It is absolutely stunning.

Sit outside if you can and if it’s chilly you can rug up with the blankets they provide and people watch the streets of Mitte. Hot top: if you are scared of bees I would suggest sitting indoors. Europe in Autumn generally attracts a lot of bees but there seemed to be a lot here! Enough for them to set up fake wasp nests to scare them away!

The menu is initially what attracted me to this place. It is most of the standard things that satisfy hungry travelers. They have pastries (homemade croissants and jam), bircher muesli, granola & yogurt and eggs and omelets… They also have a special afternoon tea-styled two tier tray you can order.

If you are still hungry or wanting another coffee to end the meal with something sweet make sure you go inside and check out their cakes. They have an impressive strawberry Bavarian cream gateaux, apple-pie or their famous rice pudding cake. Take a look through the window of the “SowohlAlsAuch” (which is next door) and you can see the cakes being made.

I would definitely recommend trying this place. Prices are probably a little more on the expensive side but I think it is worth it for a great brunch and suitable for friends, couples, family or solo travelling.

The café is open from 8-10pm, so for those who want to make the most out of their day it is great to get there for 8am.

Also if you can’t make brunch, Café Anna Blume starts serving lunch from midday and dinner in the evening (with a full wine and cocktail menu)

Find out more here:

Spicedfox xx

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