RECIPE: Raw Carrot Cake


Raw Carrot Cake

It’s moist; it’s quick and full of yummy goodness. This raw carrot cake is perfect to have with a cup of tea with the girls. Is it low in fat? No, not so much. Is it high in good fats? Yes absolutely. They are also refined sugar free, refined flour free… and vegan!


 Cashew and walnut frosting 200g of cashews 140g of unsweetened almond milk 4 medjool dates (pitted) seeds of ½ a vanilla pod

Carrot cake 300g oats 320g of carrots 180g of medjool dates (pitted) 50g of almonds 2-3 tsp of cinnamon 1tsp of ground ginger 1/3 tsp of nutmeg 1 handful of walnuts, bashed up a bit zest of ½ an orange


First start with the cashews. Pop them in a jug and then pour boiling water over them and let them sit for about one hour minimum and overnight maximum (some of them will bob to the top but that’s okay).

Whilst your cashews are bobbing and soaking, make the cake base. Put the oats, carrots, dates, almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger into a food processor and blitz it all together until it is totally combined.

 Line an eight inch square tin with baking parchment so that it overlaps the sides of the tin. Then plonk your mixture in to it.

Then flatten it down using either the back of a large spoon to make it level, flat and even.

 Now onto the frosting. Drain the cashews off well and put them in to a blender/nutribullet. Add your almond milk, dates and vanilla and continue to blitz it until it is smooth and creamy. It will have flecks of brown in it (dates) and black (vanilla) and may even have a greyish tinge, but that’s all good and it’s all very tasty.

 Then smooth it out again with the palette knife or spoon so that it’s nice and flat, about 1cm thick.

 Sprinkle over the walnuts and the orange and pop it in the freezer for about one hour.

 Take the carrot cake out of the freezer after an hour. The frosting and base should not be frozen, but it will make it easier to cut after an hour long sabbatical in the freezer.



Spicedfox x


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